November 2, 2010

The Outdoors

So Matt and I love our walks up Rock Canyon. We love walking to the little spring. It such a beautiful day, and probably one of the last ones that we could take a stroll outside. I cant wait for the snow though. Wish i could snowboard but i have a better priority to focus on right now! 

 Don't judge...I am Pregnant! (this was a couple weeks ago so i wanna say about 16 weeks along)
the natural spring! a couple was there when we got there just hovering and so we walked a little further until we spied that they made the move. Oh love birds i just wanted a sip from the spring! thanks for moving! 

I love our little walks. It makes the perfect Sunday activity. I just want to take back what i use to say about Utah being an ugly desert, that was false! Utah has its pretty parts! 


  1. cutest little prego girl ive ever seen! :)

  2. Chels, Try cross country this winter! What a great workout. Your hike looks beautiful--just like you!