October 27, 2012

yet another photoshoot...

 we have a friend who is a photographer and trying to build her portfolio and she has been taking our family photos pretty often, especially with all the change we have been going through with having a one year old, then being pregnant and hopefully she will want to take a family of 4 shoot. As a trade off i cut her hair! its a win-win! so without further ado...oh and dont mind becks no shoes pictures. he stepped in a giant puddle of black mud and instead of taking the time to wipe them off we went white trash and just took them off and let him run around in only his socks (ugh my biggest pet peeve!!!!) at least we got one photo of him with his shoes on. just one though!

  its not a photoshoot unless this kid gets his model shots! haha but seriously how freaking cute is he???

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