October 14, 2012


On October 13th Matt ran the Tough Mudder race. if you haven't heard of it you should look it up or YouTube some of the obstacles. most of them include water with ice cubes, electric shock and lot and lots of mud! Matt ran the race with his friend Bryan Bradley and a couple of other guys.

 may i introduce the team Buck Wild!

the boys were running late and couldn't get their bags into the check-in in time so we got stuck with all the bags in our stroller and lugged it around through uneven muddy ground. Me being 8 months pregnant and lugging it around all over and Sam and I trading off pushing and carrying Beck and taking videos and pictures we felt like we had a Tough mudder of our own. Oh and i should mention...it was FREEZING and rained for some of the 2 1/2 hours we were there! 
They had a course set out for the Spectators and so we saw the "must see" obstacles. it was so exciting and i had a blast getting there before our group did and seeing all the different costumes and themes. plus the events were intense. 

Arctic Shock
(this was the 2nd obstacle and they had to jump into ice filled water and dive under a 6 foot barrier to get out. oh and they and just refilled the ice right before matt got there)

 matt said he was slightly paralized from the shock of the freezing ice water. when he got out he looked like he didnt really know what he was doing...like i said intense!

Electric Eel 
as with the arctic shock, they just refilled this one with water. they had to army crawl under wires attached to electricity and on top of that they crawled through a GIANT puddle of water

they were by far the loudest group! it was hilarious! a lot of "ouches" and maybe a few words i shouldn't write down! i cant imagine getting shocked 50 times or more. And they paid to have this done to them? crazy!

Mud Mile

Sam was awesome with helping me with beck and still cheering on the boys!! we felt like official soccer moms!

this was probably the most "fun" one. what guy doesn't love getting dirty? it consisted of about 8 mounds of mud then pits of mud water in between each mound. they made the absolute best of it! Matt and Bry practically dove (well cannon balled) in!

Funky Monkey

 he was completely surprised that he made it across!! i knew he could! #1 Fan


 Bry getting pumped to be shocked to death!!

Electroshock Therapy
 On your mark...Get set...
 one zap and they dog piled on top of each other!! it was hilarious
 the zapping didn't stop there either, they still had a ways to go with hundreds of wires draping down 
 oh man it looked painful!

 The Crowning
12.1 miles with brutal obstacles DONE

 Sam, Beck and I had our own Tough Mudder 

The Showers
Matt in the showers getting hosed off by a teammate singing "i'm a maniac MANIAC...on the floor! and im dancin' like i've never danced befooooore!" (Tommy Boy) hilarious!

 Daddy's #1 fan

 too funny to not post this picture...he still has his short shorts on 

I'm so proud of my Tough Mudder! it was hard work and he accomplished it! Wear that headband with pride! He says its his right of passage so im not allowed to wear it! hahaha 

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