January 7, 2010


Matt got a job offer today that we have been waiting for since a little bit before Christmas. But none the less we thought that if he was hired he wouldn't start until March...turns out they actually need him earlier. Like a week from this next Monday earlier! its so perfect..now we wont be all that poor anymore and making some mooonnnaayyyy!! haha..not that life is all about the money but you do need money to survive! Am I right?
Matt will be working for AMP which is an alarm monitoring company. He has worked as a technician for 3 years and know the owners and has made a ton of friends through the company. So being an accountant now will be a little different but so less dramatic and more relax.

Now that we know we are going to be in one place for a while (and a while i'm thinking like 2 years maybe more but kinda hoping not more) im going to cosmetology school. it sounds so ditsy but its true. Im really excited and cant wait to learn how to actually cut hair! (thanks kim for letting me try! you are such a good sport!) but i have been interested in hair styling for a while so its nice to really be able to do something about it!
So Matt and I are really getting into a routin and not moving every 4 months! i loved our crazy life and cant imagine that its about to stop though. SO yeahhhh for matt and working so hard and searching for jobs! he is a great husband...scratch that... he is the best husband out there!!


  1. Chelsea and Matt. Wonderful news. Im so happy for you both. Chels, I think you'll be a great hairdresser. I grade my hair dresser on her work and whether or not I can spend 2 hours with her! I coulld definitly spend that time and more with you.

  2. Congrats guys! We have been wondering what job it was. Guess that means we will have to give up your stuff? Shoot...we liked jumping on your bed, using your vacuum, and trying out your kitchen gear. ;) So we will be seeing you real soon then? Where in UT will you live?

  3. Congrats! That's so exciting for you two and I can't wait to hear about everything you learn in school! Learn to do really good blonde so you can do mine lol

  4. Yahoo!!! We are so pumped you guys will be in Utah.... we are basically neighbors. Come visit us! Oh, and I am SUPER jealous about you going to cosmetology school... I have always wanted to do that.