December 30, 2009

just home for the holidays

man it has been such a great holiday! we arrived in Danville on Christmas eve eve just in time for some great cooking and family. On Christmas day we got to talk to alex (only for 40 minutes because he is on his mission in Virginia). He sounds so good and really is maturing so much. He has become so humbled and loves everyone in Virginia! I miss him so much and cant wait to see him again in a year and a half. Besides that christmas gift we opened our stocking to find tickets for cirque du soleil "Ovo". It has become a tradition in our family to go see the cirque in San Francisco after christmas. Last year mom suprised alex and I with the Ka show. This Ovo show revolves around and egg and a variety of bugs. This is me by the way.. i wish..
The costuming is just amazing. they are so talented and mind blowing with the contortionists, acrobats, spinning, twirling, tossing and balancing! Seriously they are the best of the best. And it was Matt's very first Cirque Du Soleil so it was exciting to see his reaction to the performers. But this was only one of our many events of christmas presents....

Dad also took Matt and I skiing in Tahoe so matt could use his new ski poles! Santa really knows what we want! we had so much fun. I hate to admit it though but my dad outlasted me... I was so worn out around noon. I wasnt some pansy but my dad loves those steeper slopes which = a lot more work which = me tired! haha but we had a perfect sunny powdery warm day! Thanks dad!!

so on top of snowboarding the girls got tickets to see Wicked in the city!! so the 3 generations spent the day in SF shopping before the show. This was my second time seeing it and yes it was just as great as the first time!

What can i say...I have the best parents in the world!! We had a wonderful christmas! and to save the best for last matt got me a little wooden jewelry with a big sunflower carved on the top. its so beautiful! I love it and will use it forever. Matt really is so thoughtful he knows how much i love jewelry and combine those are absolutely amazing! i love it! thanks again so much matt!! I love you! Our first Christmas together has been so memerable and this holiday season is only getting better.

For New Years Jake is coming up from Southern California with his girlfriend/fiance (planning things out for now) and her 2 year old son! Im so excited and i hear nothing but good things of Sara. I cant wait to meet her and spend a couple days with them. After all the meet and greet we are off to Seattle for a couple months!


  1. We just saw wicked in the city too and I loved it! And I want to see ovo but my mom said one of the performers died in the show (maybe rehearsals? Idk). So now I'm scared lol. It was good seeing you and your cute hubby. Your hair looks great dark btw.

  2. Wonderful to see you. You do have great parents! Lucky girl! Can't wait to hear where your next adventure takes you.

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