December 14, 2009

This is the whole Robinson Gang for Thanksgiving!! it was so much fun to all be together! Especially since Adam, Kay Lizzy and James flew from Taiwan! All the kids were so cute...a little on the sick side so there was a BIT of crying but it was so much fun anyways! even though the following picture doesn't look too happy we were just super ready to eat! haha

Here is baby James and mama Kay...such a happy kid! and did i mention a Taiwanese model??..?
Lizzy hadn't played in the snow before so we got to run around the backyard and toss snowballs at Matt when he wasn't looking..or after i run out of the line of fire!! Lizzy had a blast!! we hat all the kids running around and playing on the swings! it was so fun!
It was a great Robinson Thanksgiving 2009!!

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