January 29, 2010

wwhat a jjoke!

just a word to the wise if you bank with chase bank close it now! it is such a joke...i have been trying to dispute a charge since november that clearly should be refunded because it is a complete scam yet absolutely nothing has happened. also if you try to get a credit report from creditreport.com DONT DO IT! its such a scam. they charge you 15 bucks a month when they claim its free then proceed to sign you up with credit protection sites that charge you about 10 bucks a month without even telling you they are distributing your personal information. And i have been arguing this issue since november and chase constantly transferring me to other advisors until no one has a clue what i am talking about. They also tell me this happens all the time yet they dont do anything about it! This last time i talked to someone they kept asking me "did you even read the website" with such rudeness. OF COURSE I READ THE WEBSITE...DO I SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT TO YOU?????? i've had it so we are canceling. thats that! if wamu ever comes back maybe we will sign up again but as long as chase is around neither are we! sianara jerks!!


  1. oh brother, what a nightmare. I do have chase...but I keep my banking to a minimum. might be because my funds are a minimum as well...

  2. oh sad! who did you call? did u go into a branch. i can try and make something happen on monday, unless you've already closed the account. i've had a couple of customers that have had the same issue w/ creditreport.com. and it has happened because of some checked box that is totally ambiguous. did u ever get a document in the mail about the fraudulent charge? let me know! send me a msg on facebook, or an email traci.thornton@gmail.com