March 4, 2013

Jane's Blessing Day

This little girl was blessed last Sunday. I cant believe its already been three months since this little girl entered our world! She has been a true angel! We had my parents and matts parents in town as well as my grandma Beckman and then Matts sisters and family. We felt so much love and support for this Girl. 
Her dress was actually from my baby blessing 24 years ago. My mom saved it and preserved it so that maybe one day my daughter would wear it. Tahdah! im a sucker for heirlooms like that. im crossing my finger that Jane will want to bless her daughter in this dress in like 30 years....

I pinky promise that Jane is not an exploder and never has been until of course the second we put her in the pearly white dress and she threw almost the instant we put her in it and then during sacrament right before her debute! and then it gets worse.... in relief society she exploded all over the inside of her dress. I was so close to bawling but held it in. i was so sad to see the dress ruined and before pictures. I had to have pictures so we let it dry and put it back on her. it was only in the back so luckily we could still get some "clean" shots. Mom did take the dress home and it is now spotless! she is absolutely amazing!
4 Generations...all in pink(ish purple) haha unintentional

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