July 28, 2012

Boy or Girl?!?!?!

A little over a week ago we found out that our little nugget will be a GIRL!!! She is such a squirmy little thing and we are just anxious to see her! She has a lot to live up to with Beck being such a stud but im sure she wont dissapoint! We arent quite sure of the name yet but the list is quickly being narrowed down. Beck is slowly, very slowly getting the idea that he will be a big brother! We keep asking him where his little sister is and then Matt will rub my tummy, so he understands that when that question is asked he is supposed to rub my tummy! haha its kind of cute! Matt is excited to have another little baby in the house. I always catch him watching the videos from when beck was weeks old. It really is so comforting to have a husband that genuinly cares about his family and loves being there for his kids.
      When i was pregnant the first time and found out that it would be a boy...i bought him some little grey Toms shoes and so im keeping the tradition alive for our little girl and soon will be purchasing these babies!!
can you picture her walking around in the snow with these cute things on?!?! awwww im so excited to dress a little girl. im ready to buy everything in Target and Old Navy! seriously such adorable clothes! wahoo for girls!


  1. So your mom was right!!! I am very excited for you guys! And now we can be in laws in the future ha ha