January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

our christmas was amazing! we spent it with my family in Spokane and had a blast! beck was constantly attached to grami's hip and gramps couldnt stop throwing him in the air! Despite beck getting sick, and Grami constantly giving him drugs, everyone was so happy and relaxed. We went to Coeur D' Alane for a trip to the "North Pole" and saw all the Christmas lights! we got to go snowboarding/skiing! our gingerbread houses were awesome! we won! and we were spoiled like crazy the whole week! We even had some a great day of reading the Hunger Games and relaxation, which Matt was in need of from a busy crazy semester and full time grad school!  after we came home we got to spend a second little christmas with matts parents and sister Megan! and holy cow did they spoil us too! beck loves his toys and we love our new stoller and tools (which were perfect for the tool box i got matt)..just to show off my new stroller!
its a beauty eh?

 baby practically got a present a day from Grami because SHE was so excited for him to open them!

 how freaking cute are the beanie and gloves!! our little snow angel!!hahaha
this kid was addicted to my parents phone! the kid never wanted to "be with the family!" only wanted to check facebook all day long! haha
Down the escalator to see Santa!! so excited! until...

Beck was fine with Santa until he took one look and then...perfection! every kid has to have a scream on Santa's lap!! 

Mom and i had so much fun making and gluing the gingerbread houses!
ours house was lakefront property, had frosty the snowman and even had light up christmas lights!!! we won!

Hitting the slopes at Schweitzer Mountain Resort (in Idaho)

 "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care!"

 they were literally attached at he hip!

Merry Christmas 2011!!!
Beckman's first! 

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