January 19, 2012

10 Months

My baby boy is 10 Months today!!

That means that in 2 months he will be a One Year Old!! 
how are the days going by so fast?!?!  

at 10 months Beckman
* crawls like crazy (especially when dad comes through the door from work)
*stands on everything
*tries to walk and loves his little walkers
*jabber box! loves to say mama and dadadidida
*motorboat sounds all day
*loves his juice cups
*will eat any food except green beans
* is such a great sleeper, 12-13 hours a night!
*loves going on walks in his strollers. he just sits and stares at the world for hours
*stares out the window on the couch all day, dreaming of the day he can go back outside
*loves skype-ing with grami and grandma and his great nana! 
*waves with a cute little wrist flip and a clenched fist! 
*still doesn't hearty laugh but giggles like crazy with his dad! 
*has 2 teeth
*loves going up the stairs, not a fan of going down just yet
*loves racing up the stairs and around the house
*absolutely loves bath time
*loves to be read stories before bed! 
*Turns pages when reading books
*dances to any kind of sound or music
*bounces when he is excited 
*has an addicting smile
*wears size 3 baby shoe
*is a vans shoes baby! and loving his green checkered ones right now
*loves to mimic sounds 
*loves riding in the car 
*took his first intentional step today!
*is the best baby i could have ever asked for. i am so lucky to have this little boy in my life and so grateful to watch him learn and grow. 

Happy 10 Months baby Beck! 

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  1. He is a cutie! They get big fast, huh? Luke can't wait to play with his cousin again. I am sure next time they are together they will both be walking and stealing each others toys!