January 24, 2011

Baby Shower

The girls at school threw me a baby shower!! i was starting to think i wasnt going to have one at all until after Beck is born! ha. it was so great! i have been getting to school at 8 everyday especially since every minute means everything...except last friday i slept in a little and got to school 5 minutes late. everyone was waiting on me and starting to think i was taking the day off. I was so shocked and excited i didnt know how to react. i am so appreciative to these girls for going out of their way to throw this for me and baby Beck. There were so many treats and goodies we were both on sugar highs the whole rest of the day. Some of the girls got us some super cute outfits that i cant wait to show him off in! I love these girls! Thank you so much friends!

this is K-dawg! she is prego with triplets! haha balloon triplets! 

and here is Laura...she cant stop touching my belly! and i love it! i love her! 

Thank you SO much Taylor Andrew girls for my baby shower! I had so much fun!

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