February 12, 2010

V-day came early for me!

Be my Valentine?!
Not only did Matt get me 18 red roses for V-day but he had them sent to my school as a super surprise! Our school actually had a bowling half day and when I got to the school to pick up my lunch someone mentioned that one of the "freshman" had flowers delivered to the front desk. Cassie and i couldn't help ourselves for seeing who it was for..because we were both convinced that it wasnt for either of us. After running to the other end of school they said that it was for ME! I was in total shock and showed it off to my friends!

Matt and i had some lunch together and ran home to put my BEAUTIFUL roses in a vase! now i finally have a use for the many awesome vases we got for our wedding in April!! i cant get over how beautiful the red roses are and how surprised i was to get them!

I really am so lucky and have the best life. I share the best life with the best husband! Seriously someone taught him well because he never lets me down and is always so sweet to me! I know how much he cares for me because he shows it in everything he does. By always telling me he loves me, by treating me with so much respect, and simply by the way he looks at me and then kisses me on the forehead! I couldn't ask for any better because i really do have the best!



  1. ohh so sweet. I got a tear. You are both perfect for each other

  2. I like how you say "Cassie and I run to the front" I'm honored to be on your blog :)

    PS cute post...:)