February 25, 2010

girls just grow up

i thought that being in hair school was going to be less drama because i was married...turns out thats where things go haywire and girls get their feeling hurt. well let me just tell you the reason feelings got hurt and "tattling" happened and now our friend is moved out of the class.... we decided to get together as couples one friday night to watch a movie at jenny's uncles clubhouse and because they werent invited and we barely talked about it during class (which i understand was a little rude...but please..) we are being punished and our class is divided even more. man i cant wait to spend the next year and 3 months with 12 year old girls. i feel it is so rediculous and the fact that we get in trouble for doing something outside of school. they are telling us that we have to all be friends...thats not what im paying for...im paying to be educated on HAIR, not be told i have to be friends with people i dont really get along with. i chose who my friends are not my school. and if people want to start bawling about that feel free but bawl by yourself and not to the director of our school. i have an idea....grow up! get me away from this drama

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  1. Chelsea, This sounds really lame. Keep yourself above the fray. Some people never grow up. Love you