July 27, 2009

Wedding photos...3 months later!

Marriage is what bwings us togevah today...
we finally got our wedding photos!!!! here is the link if you want to check them out!! just use chelseaenator@gmail.com as the email address or you might be getting some updates on other weddings and whatnot! http://juliannwheeler.instaproofs.com/collection.php?event=136210#36742010

I loved them and i think they turned out great! i have a couple ugly shots but hey that happens right!!


  1. Cute!! Are you guys still coming to Idaho this weekend? Be healthy so we can see you!!

  2. so amazing I was just telling Emily I wanted to see them!!!

  3. Whoa there are a lot! Really cute. What do you get to order?

  4. Thanks for sharing. these are great!