January 1, 2013

Ringing in 2013

We have some great friends here in our area and we love all getting together. Matt and i thought it would be best to host the New Years Party since our kids (ahhh we have plural kids!!!) Beck ended up staying up the whole time and was quite entertaining. The Krums were so great to bring over their Xbox so we could play Just Dance on the kinect. Oh man i never laughed and sweated so much! Beck would stand in front and dance along with everyone to every song. he woke up today dancing and asking "ma moh" meaning more. sadly we dont own the game so we might have to invest. that kid was so wiped out from dancing and moving so much! you might be able to catch a glimps of him in the videos. 

Robinson Vs. Krums

The girls in Timelaps

After dancing and counting down to the New Year and of course the new years kiss, we shot off some bottle rockets from our front yard. The guys lighted them and were hilarious. Men turn to boys when lighters and firecrackers are involved! as we were shooting them off our neighbors dog came sprinting towards us (with no owners in sight) and starting trying to eat the bottle rockets. some of them were even about to shoot off! i was terrified that they were going to explode in its mouth. crazy dog! it was a great party. 
Bring on 2013!!!!!

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