June 5, 2012


So one of the big updates is we are buying a home in harrisville, ut (practically North Ogden) and because we knew we were closing we cancelled our Internet--and just to our luck our closing dates has now been pushed back almost a month. So I'm attempting this on my phone. As for our soon to be home..it's a killer deal and about a month ago (a couple days before signing) a connector tube to a toilet upstairs burst and floored all of the upstairs, doesn't the stairs, the garage and pretty much destroyed the family room. The water had only been flooding for 4-6 hours. Can you imagine the damage if no one noticed it sooner? We are so grateful it didn't happen after we had moved in. It's a blessing in disguise. So as we are waiting for the repairs to be done our closing date keeps getting pushed back further and further. But we are coming closer to a close (obviously) and are looking at moving in about 2 weeks. I'm ready to have my own house but nervous for the responsibility of being a homeowner!! We had an amazing opportunity to take a vacation while my amazing mother watched beck. She drove all the way down from Spokane, 10 hours, watched and spoiled beck while we sat around reading our books and frying our bods in Cabo San Lucas. Matt and I felt so relaxed lounging on the beach all day everyday! While mom had an absolute blast with beck! She took him to the zoo, the discovery museum in salt lake, bought a little swimming pool so he could run around naked all day, sang many many songs, and I'm sure they were bother heaven and exhausted every night. As for us in CABO we walked along the beach, went into town and walked the harbor, grocery shopped, cooked some food some nights, ate tones of delicious Mexican food, had some McDonald's since it's always better out of the country and most importantly we just relaxed. Our one real excursion was a glass bottom boat tour that took you to some more beaches and to see some otters. But after we decided to have dinner at Ruths Chris and gladly enjoyed some lobster, shrimp and steak. Best meal to end the week. I do have pictures of our adventures but can't upload from my phone for some reason. All in all a relaxing relaxing vacation and so grateful to my mom for watch our little boy and to Matt's mom for hooking is up with a great vacation. So another update I'm sure many know by now but I want to document it...we are pregnant yet again!!!! I'm due sometime around the first week of December which makes me about 14 and some weeks along. On April fools I sent a text to my mom that said guess what? She replied "you're pregnant!" being April fools I had to play along yet to my surprise I really was pregnant. Mom claims its a girl because of a dream she had. We will find out in a couple months from now but how crazy if she is right?!?! Ive always wanted all boys but after going to a nieces dance recital I can't help but want a little twinkle toes of my own. I know everyone says this but really I just want a healthy baby no matter the gender but I could go for a little girl also! We will see if Grami tami was right all along! About a week after the shock died down we are really so excited to have another little one around. Beck is so excited to be a big brother and I have a feeling he will be good at it. Thats pretty much all the updates--if I remember anything else I'll attemp another entry. With pictures! Ha

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  1. I am so impressed you typed this on your phone. Good luck with the move! Glad you had fun in cabo and can't wait to see your pics!