February 19, 2012

Tour D' Dew!

we took a bus up to Snowbasin because parking was insane! we had the whole bus to ourselves and Beck couldn't stop staring at the road and laughing and giggling the whole time!

its so weird to ride the chair lift without a snowboard or skis on. Beck loved every minute of it. our little Eskimo!

in front of the slope style course!! it was insane to watch the boarders pop out of a jump, fly through the air and disappear again for another jump! Awesome.

The Super Half Pipe! Honestly unreal in person! T.v doesn't do it justice! 
It's Enormous and high! 

pretty much front row! Beck was the best ever! so entertained by the jumbo tron and all the cheering! 

Even with all the Crazy loud music and cheering and horns AND cowbells this little tyke fell asleep for a good half hour!! Such a cute man holding a precious bundle! haha! 

Random Yeti sponsor..popped out of no where and scared me really bad i even screamed! 
I'm pathetic i know but costume things still freak me out!

the massive pipe. we had so much fun and left with the best cup of hot chocolate i have ever had! 

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